Board Members

Co-Presidents: Andrea Alfieri
1st VPs: Julie Greenfield and Jenn McEwen
2nd VP CARE: Donna Selvaggi
2nd VP Ways & Means: Jess DiCicco and Jaime Page
VPs of RACKS:  Michelle Barron
Membership VPs: Julie Adams and Kate Nelson
Recording Secretary: Lauren Besozzi-Reilly
Corresponding Secretary: Alexs Antonov
Co-Treasurers: Adrienne Gumersell and Cheryl Carson
PR: Amanda Janke

President: Oversees all activities of the Club and presides at all General and Board meetings. Attends the President’s Council, the State Fall Conference, the District Spring Conference, and the State Spring Convention. Acts as liaison between the Long Valley Junior Women’s Club and the District and State Junior Women’s Clubs.

1st Vice President: Oversees the following departments: Homelife, Health, Education, Arts, Conservation, and International Affairs. Writes monthly articles for the club newsletter detailing activities in these departments. Provides the President with a report on all club activities that is distributed at the district meeting. Secures the facility for the general meetings and board meetings. Collects project reports throughout the year on all completed projects. Compiles all statistics to be reported in the Club’s Annual Report that is submitted to the District.

2nd Vice President (Ways & Means): Oversees and coordinates all fundraising activities for the Club. Appoints a chairperson for each fundraiser, receives status reports and provides assistance where necessary. Receives and maintains all fundraising reports to be submitted to the 1st Vice President.

2nd Vice President (C.A.R.E.): Responsible for the management and operations of the C.A.R.E. (Children’s Arts and Recreational Enrichment) program. The C.A.R.E. program is the Club’s largest fundraiser. Secures space for operations. Hires and manages teachers. Prepares yearly class schedules. Organizes and runs the annual CARE registration. Oversees the year-end Dance Recital. Supports the school C.A.R.E. coordinators throughout the year.

Membership Vice President: Coordinates membership events including Spring and Fall Social (also known as Membership Tea), Rookie Project/Holiday Party, Installation Dinner and other social events. Welcomes Prospective Members to meetings and guides them in completing Membership requirements so they can be voted in as Members. Conducts new Member Orientations, tracks Prospective Membership requirements and maintains an updated Membership list. Collects annual dues. Membership communicates with theTimekeeper, Newsletter Coordinator, and Phonechain Coordinator.

Recording Secretary: Requires attendance at all monthly Board and General meetings. Documents information relevant to the operation of the Club, also known as “minutes”. Posts the recorded minutes into a notebook for record-keeping purposes. Provides the President with a copy of the minutes from each meeting.

Corresponding Secretary: Receives and distributes incoming club mail. Checks Club’s post office box on a consistent basis. Compiles correspondence letters to be mailed with allocation checks. Places order for club letterhead and distributes it to members as needed. Organizes and files all thank you notes and other important mail.

Treasurer:   Tracks income and expenses for the Club’s three accounts (In-Club, General and Savings). Reimburses Members for Club expenses and maintains files of documented receipts. Makes bank deposits as necessary and reconciles bank statements. Adheres to budget of club’s allocations. Generates year-end reports and provides documents for the accountant and auditor. Ensures that the Club’s tax returns and audits are filed on time. Coordinates and facilitates allocation meetings. Publishes monthly Treasurer’s report in the newsletter.

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