Standing Committees

Archivist: Organizes and keeps historical club records in order.

Librarian: Keeps ongoing records of Junior Women’s Club activities. Transports records to storage area.

Newsletter Compiler: Compiles and edits newsletter articles submitted by Club members and produces the monthly newsletter, The Valley Echo. Bills and tracks newsletter advertising.

Phone Chain: Updates the list of telephone numbers of members, alumni, and prospective members. Solicits volunteers to act as phone chain captains who are responsible for calling 8-10 members to disseminate information quickly when necessary.

Scrapbook: Creates a scrapbook of photos and memorabilia of Club events occurring during the tenure of each President. Collects photos taken at various club events to be included in the scrapbook. Presents scrapbook to the outgoing President at the Membership Tea.

Timekeeper: Receives timesheets from members and prospectives. Tracks the total number of hours each member and prospective volunteers by project (i.e. C.A.R.E. registration, dance recital, fundraiser) each year (April 1st to March 31st). Provides report to President and/or Vice Presidents as needed.

Yearbook: Updates Yearbook as necessary for changes in club Bylaws, Board positions, Committee and Department Chairpersons, names, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses. Compiles all pertinent information to be included in the Yearbook. E-mails Yearbook to all Members.

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